Jason Wills

Yacht Consultant


Jason is a high-impact global sales director with 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing.  Currently, he is the Global Director of Consumer Packaged Goods for an $8.5 billion chemical company. Jason is passionate about sales and marketing and continually strives to enhance his skills through ongoing education and industry certifications.


Jason takes great pride in his ability to listen to his customers and understand their unique needs and preferences. It brings him great satisfaction to help them find the perfect product that meets their specific requirements and exceeds their expectations. Whether it's through product recommendations, tailored solutions, or customized services, Jason always strives to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Helping customers find the perfect product for their current needs is not just a job for Jason, it's a passion.


Throughout his career in sales and marketing, Jason has been recognized with several awards, including 'Rookie of the Year,' and being the youngest Key Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Customer Technical Service Manager in his company's history. In addition, he has earned several key certifications, including Advanced Negotiations, Certified Business Strategy Leader, and Digital Marketing Professional certification from the Wharton School of Business. Jason is a graduate of Purdue University, where he focused on Sales, Marketing, and Business Management.


Ever since Jason was a child, he has been drawn to the water and the freedom that boats provide. There's something about being out on the open water that is both exhilarating and calming to him. Whether he is fishing, cruising, or just soaking up the sun, being on a boat is his happy place.  Jason loves learning about different types of boats and their features, and always looks forward to his next boating adventure.