Broden Yachts is a family-owned brokerage and new yacht dealership in Orange County. Broden Yachts stands by the commitment to broaden our reach into new yacht sales as well as utilizing our successful brokerage platform to expanded and grow.  Today, Broden Yachts is proud to represent some of the highest quality manufacturers in the world.




Broden Yachts has hit the ground running , establishing relationships with premium Yacht Manufacturers and also pursuing only the finest lines. Currently Broden Yachts has inked a deal to represent Blackfin Boats out of Williston, Florida. Built to the highest Standards , Blackfin's DNA is exactly what Broden Yachts seeks in Yacht design . In addition , Broden Yachts has deep rooted relationships with trusted ship yards from Oxnard to San Diego. Utilizing our experience and knowledge of yachts , our team builds relationships with our customers that doesn’t just last through one yacht purchase, but instead, customers continue to come back for their second, third, and more. We do whatever it takes to make your yacht purchase or sale the best experience possible. We know the most important rule of thumb that the Client is always right and we will strive to see that your yacht is maintained and repaired whether it's warranty or not in the most timeliest manner possible!!



Our professional brokers and support teams are some of our greatest strengths. Our experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness in both yacht purchase and sale are simply second to none. Their personal service and impeccable attention to detail ensure that every transaction is handled to your complete satisfaction and to the highest standards.


Broden Yachts will make sure you have the smoothest transaction , whether it's buying or selling a yacht, will assure no lose ends of the transaction are left untied. Our 3rd party partner relations alleviate any and all stresses that can go along with the process. Our Brokers are industry leaders with and very informative and well versed with the ever so changing world and todays market . Our reach expands to all aspects of a transaction including but not limited to the following :

  • Bill of Sale

  • Licensing

  • Registration

  • Documentation

  • Title

  • Tax Payments

  • Insurance

  • In- house Financing

  • And More...